Monday, October 10, 2011

10 Most Common Dieting and Weight Loss Mistakes

So finally decided to go on a diet. You are enthusiastic and determined to lose weight, no matter what. This time you actually going to do!.

You wake up in the morning - and feels good!

You decide to be a very light breakfast, if any, and after a while '... you get to watch the clock to calculate the remaining hours before the "magic" for lunch. Mmm, turkey sandwich with cheese ...:)

As time passes, their enthusiasm is slowly away from us, leaving us with the frustrating feeling of hunger. A day passes and disappears at will. You become cranky and I was wondering if you should try another time.

A couple of days, you will begin to hate all the current diet and after a week or two you will notice that all the suffering was in vain: you have not lost a pound.


Most likely, you made some errors of weight loss:

Weight Loss Mistake # 1: Choosing the wrong diet

This is a very common mistake diet. We hear about a weight loss success story told by a celebrity, or friend, or colleague. We get inspired and try to hurry. But this is the wrong approach.

We forget that everyone is different. While a diet can help make a magical transformation, which may have no effect on the other.

For best results, it is a good idea to evaluate your personal situation and your fitness and choose a diet that suits your own needs. Check out my healthy diet for more ideas.

Error Weight Loss # 2: Unrealistic expectations

While we all know too well that losing weight takes time, every time we start a diet, we want to see amazing results immediately. Many believe that only after one week of diet as their bodies change considerably: the hips, waist, hamstrings will shrink in size and in shape.

Well, nothing will happen, because when you start a diet (of course they will not harm your health), which will take your body a whole month to get into a new routine.

If the first pound, will probably be water weight, rather than excess fat in the pelvis or belly. Extra pounds come off very slowly and is difficult to notice changes in your image, especially if you look in the mirror every day.

Personally, I begin to see results after my first losing 15-20 pounds before I did not notice any difference.

But if you're interested, you can take pictures of themselves every week or so. If you have a good routine of weight loss you will be surprised how your body changes every week. So do not be tempted to see amazing results quickly approach the target, slowly but inexorably.

Error Weight Loss # 3: Little or no physical activity

I remember I was so frustrated by my inability to lose weight after I had my son. I tried everything - and for the first time in my life I could not lose an ounce.

What did I do wrong?

I had no physical activity. I exclusively breastfed my son and wanted to be fed every hour, so I basically stayed in bed all day. Not to mention that I used to sleep when he does (and it was about 14-16 hours a day).

No wonder I could not lose weight! It took a couple of months to realize my error, but now I did, I'm running in the gym. Well, actually I am registered yoga classes. I lost 10 pounds during the first month. And again after 2 months I cut about 6 hours of sleep a day. It was not so difficult, because since I started using more energy than I knew. Increase physical activity and increased my metabolism up, which helped me to lose weight faster.

Food in collaboration with the exercise of a healthy synergy. Go to my exercise section to learn more about their options for physical activity.

Mistake # 4 Weight loss: the regime of deceit

Are you one of those people who only a week, diet, and "relax" and enjoy the full three-course dinner at the weekend? If you are, you should not be surprised that the '5-out-of-seven-day diet does not give good results.

Even if it's your right to relax the day of rest, your body will love the predictability and do not often lose deviation from the normal routine of eating. It 'ok for you something tasty once in a while, but do not make a habit, and not do it too often.

Error Weight Loss # 5: too much stress

There is no doubt that some of the stress in our lives is beyond our control. However, we still do not know how to cope with a stressful environment.

If you are interested in how your life less stressful here.

In a mean time to note that stress has a direct impact on your ability to lose weight. Many of us turn to food for comfort in a stressful situation. Remember that the next time you decide to start a new regime. Choosing the right time less stressful for her.

Weight Loss Mistake # 6: Lack of rest and relaxation

If you have a full life: full-time job, family, children, friends, etc, is vital to regulate their sleep system.

Have you ever noticed that weigh less in the morning than at night? Well, not only because they do not eat during sleep. This is because your system works and burns fat, while the rest. Therefore, if the body does not have enough time to do their job and regain strength, it will be harder for your body to get rid of extra fat. Lack of rest will also be difficult for you to follow a diet.

Error # 7 weight loss: calories hidden

If you try hard and do everything right to lose weight, but still do not see results, write down everything that goes into your system. You may be surprised by what he finds.

For example, sugar and / or cream in your coffee, salt and pepper in the soup, mayonnaise on your sandwich, butter the toasted bread dressing, tomato sauce or salad, etc. We are so used to these little additions Foods that do not pay attention to them.

Weight Loss Error # 8: skipping meals

People are all great mistake (regardless of weight), is to skip meals, especially breakfast - the most important meal of the day.

Recent research has shown that if the body receives the nutrients needed for more than 10 hours, it starts storing fat. So if a person sleeps an average of about eight hours and skip breakfast in the morning, all that's going to eat lunch with the fat.

You do not have to eat five times a day, as many believe, but make sure you do not starve your system. For more information on how to properly distribute the daily food intake - click here.

Weight Loss Mistake # 9: The motivation improper diet

Have you ever wanted to lose weight to attract a particular person? Or to prove someone wrong? Or maybe you wanted to lose weight, because you just hate, hate, anger, so that the person looks in the mirror? I know I did. I made all the mistakes.

But it's hard to lose weight for other reasons beyond your health.

You have to love your body - it is your temple. I do not think is ugly or imperfect, do not do damage to diet or exercise aggressive, and paid in healthy, strong and beautiful.

Love your body and love you.

Error weight loss # 10: Liquid calories misjudge

Dieting is not just what you eat is also what you drink. Be sure to count, Diet Coke, vitamin water, iced tea or worst of all "liquid calories." - Sports drinks help your daily caloric intake to learn more about how to count your calories go here ..

Repeat error-free diet and eat a happy!

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