Friday, October 14, 2011

Why Diets Do Not Work

Why diets do not provide lasting results?

Why do most people start a diet and stop dieting after a week or two?

Sounds like a simple process. Start a diet: eat only certain foods in certain quantities, such as menus for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Sounds easy.

You should lose a few pounds / kg every week.

If it is so simple because millions of people are still struggling with their weight?

No, it's not just a question of will, as many might think. Most people who are overweight have a strong desire to lose extra weight. Dieting is not a question of will. This is a healthy diet that will take care of all the body gaps, a system that will restore our health and the added extra weight disappear.

Losing weight is not easy, because for a long time, sometimes years, we have developed habits that are destructive to health and our bodies. It 'much easier to create new ways to modify existing ones.

The food is more nutritious to our body.

If we were to eat only to nourish our bodies, do not struggle with extra weight, since there would be extra weight. We only eat what your body needs the right amount.

Eating is a necessity and a pleasure.

Enjoy the food we eat. We eat to socialize. We eat to nourish our bodies and our emotional needs.

For a diet to succeed:

It nourishes the body and to correct nutrient deficiencies.

It should be fun.

It should provide an overview of the acquisition of proper eating habits.

It should also address self-esteem, and that we must motivate every day.

It should include both our bodies and our souls.

It must be properly planned and to show how.

Done step by step, on a daily basis.

If you want to permanently lose weight or control your weight, you join a program that should be a synergy of:

A healthy diet,

A positive attitude

Commitment and motivation

Physical training.

If you put your mind, you can do nothing, and weight management is one of the things. It 'just a matter of planning and regular practice.

All information in the world will not help any if you do not start making some changes:

Your diet

Your eating habits and attitudes toward the body.

Your body workout.

To achieve the desired results, you should start right now.

For your health and your ideal weight

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