Saturday, October 15, 2011

Diet Is Turning Search For Flavor Into Adventure

The original story I wrote for the column today was sauteed with onions, leeks and garlic and eaten with a glass of good wine.

I was really hungry.

This year, I had a head start in the promises of my new year. Before the start of the holiday season began a long-term of the lease, I adopted a new way of life.

I acted on my sugar, carbs and fat flavor loaded lighter portions, supplements and frequent trip around Lake Ella.

Dieting during the holidays was a challenge, but I managed to drop about 30 pounds in two months.

Create food that tastes good enough to stay focused on what I plan to present day culinary challenge. Fortunately, my mind is never idle and frequent rewards me with tasty solutions.

During the adventures shopping for fruit and vegetables near the farmer's market and produce in the corridor, and the grocery store, my imagination bloom with bunches of new ideas to marry at the lively and new ways of goodness.

Butter sauces, olive oil, cream and blue have always been supportive of the ingredients which give a velvety rich texture of food. Unfortunately, these flavorful additions are the bad guys, which is removed from the diet, or at least used with extreme moderation.

What's a gourmand to do?

Taste is everything to me! So these days I'm in a fabulous adventure not only lose a significant amount of weight, but also to achieve my goal without sacrificing taste.

By replacing the home heart health stocks and purees, creates unusual depth and intrigue to the delicious meal-hour adventure is a breeze.

Farmers Market vegetable broth is a delicious way to season food. Cook in slow cooker and simmer for a couple of hours or so the cook in less than an hour. Once the broth is cooked, drain in a fine mesh strainer. Let cool briefly, then pour the broth in ice cube trays and / or quart size freezer bags to store frozen foods. Since most of the cooking I do is for one person, the stock of frozen ice size is perfect. If you are cooking for a larger group, perhaps a quarter bag would be more appropriate.

When the soup base, you are at the beginning of a great meal full of vitamins that can be served alone or used in synergy with other interesting ingredients favorite chicken dishes, fish, seafood or vegetarian.

Vegetable broth is also a perfect royalty free fat and salt to complete and springboard taste for adventure in all types of regional and international cuisine. The possibilities are endless.

This recipe is very forgiving. You can add and modify the ingredients to suit your own taste preferences and availability of ingredients.

Experiment with new combinations is the fun part - at least that's what chef-hungry taste of the old who decided to take up the challenge to lose weight in 2007.

Vegetable broth farmer's market

1 liter of water

2 onions, sliced

3 stalks celery, chopped

3 carrots, peeled and sliced

3 cloves of garlic

Fresh tomatoes, chopped

Plus a lot of favorite vegetables chopped, chopped herbs and pepper gourmet.

Stove to boil for about an hour or a crockpot for a couple of hours. Strain and freeze in ice trays and freeze.

Well, I go to the kitchen to experiment with a sea in Florida artichoke stuffed with lemon, citrus and dill dressing for dinner tonight.

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