Sunday, October 9, 2011

Dieting and the Metabolism - The Synergy of Weight Loss

Dieting and metabolism go hand in hand.

Sincerely each affects the other - the metabolism controls the rate at which we burn calories while we eat has a great impact on our metabolism.

Think about this: When we diet, using a poorly planned program of weight loss, that we reduce the amount of food we eat and the calories we consume, means that our body will s' adapt to our metabolism to burn calories more slowly to save big!

This is a "self-preservation" instinct that is wired into our bodies.

We are designed to live an age of plenty and times of famine (similar to the cycles of crop growth), in which our bodies store fat in times of plenty, to carry us through times of famine. Today of course our "time famine," not usually last more than a few hours between meals and snacks, while our time of plenty and many are filled with food (especially food) that can really make us all books.

In fact, it is easy to see that to lose weight and metabolism than any other reality.

Many weight loss programs do not take into account the relationship between diet and metabolism, but only focus on reducing our calorie intake, or eating less fat or eat less carbohydrates .. . or even try to make us focus on eating only certain types of carbohydrates.

Problem of low-calorie diets is that they tend to be very restrictive and difficult to follow, which have a high failure.

The problem with "low in fat - fat free" and "no-carb - low carb" diet, is what encourages us to banish from your diet all or most of the two major food groups.

Imagine being told that healthy life we ??need to breathe only "clean air"! I'm sure it would probably be much better for us - but we can not go through life holding my breath until you get to pocket next to "pure" air, more than we can through life avoiding certain foods.

The real truth is that today's lifestyle with the rich in times of shortage and lack of time, has created an imbalance in diet and metabolism, causing weight gain, and creates a situation where you are trying to lose weight cause your body to try to save weight.

This is "synergy" would be between diet and metabolism. "Synergy" is a situation where two or more elements combine to produce results far greater than any of these factors can produce individually.

This synergy is a weight loss program built on the principle that the food is really a problem - the problem is not what we eat, but what we eat together when we eat it, and the solution is to move systematically the types of food we eat and times when they eat, in order to create this synergy between diet and metabolism, so you can eat enough food, quite often, so will never be hungry or deprived, but the metabolism will be characterized by a "big change" to burn calories and stored fat in the fastest possible rate.

This synergistic system, developed around the known facts about how the body responds to diet, is called a "calorie shifting" diet.

It works and you can see the link below.

This program is weight loss you never have to see.

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