Thursday, October 13, 2011

Total Diet Elimination

Plan pause for a moment and take a look around much, and when proven benefit in the long run for anyone, even the remotest way? If there was evidence that work patterns, people would get thinner. Instead we see people more and more diets and getting fatter every day. There will never be a better time for the elimination diet. Let me explain why.

Weight problems began to spread when the "expert system" that nutritionists, arrived on stage to tell us that our food was bad. When we started to grow, they had the first Diet ready for us. They seem have formed a mutual synergy with the packaged food industry, which branched into the food industry system.

In the seventies, before the diet was deemed necessary, people seemed to be just as healthy as they are now. More actually, as most of them were poor. However, they do not have the safety of all the medical advances we take for granted.

It is one thing, when people create destructive behavior toward themselves. And 'quite another thing when other hand, under the pretext of serving the health and well-being. Then we all end up experiencing the benefits.

If you let others control your weight problem, it is not long before your weight problem is inherited in your family. is when young children begin life with weight problems is when entire families are fat and believe it is their destiny. When a generational influence, soon began to be no way back. Before that happens, someone needs to intervene

The only person that you care enough for your family to intervene and stop this madness - it's up to you. It may be the only one who can save your children and grandchildren from a life as possible in obesity. If you are overweight yourself you know exactly what life means to them fat.

People have forgotten, or simply were not around to know, when things were different. One imagines that the past difficulties and lack of food was the reason people do not gain weight. It 'simply wrong. During the war, was the dose, but even if a variety of food was limited to people dying of hunger. In the fifties, sixties and seventies, it was enough food and there was plenty of variety. We also had fast food.

Just like today, people who suffer heart attacks and strokes. They do not seem to be more common, they were just much more likely to die. Many people still ate eggs and bacon for breakfast. Butcher's meat was still a normal amount of fat and the bread was not considered a necessity for every meal. People with weight problems were generally people with health problems like diabetes or a thyroid condition. When people put a few pounds, you would stay away from sweets a couple of weeks and continue with their lives. They could do it because they have not received food cravings. Food addiction was then unknown.

In those days, would be the idea that a healthy child could be overweight have been unthinkable, as it should be today. But today we see young children start school already overweight. We see whole families who are overweight. If your family is already suffering, it is time for you to intercede, because real change can begin in your own kitchen.

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